Read and analyze the essay. What examples do they use to support their main idea? Show us the examples! Are they examples or opinions?

Design a postcard based on the reading and the work of a designer mentioned in the essay. But don’t just take the designer’s style off the rack and copy it.

Present your work so others in the class don’t have to read and analyze all the readings! As a group, we can cover more ground in a shorter period of time.

Final Work 

Postcard. Color Front. B/W Back.

Size 6×9” or 9×6”


Part 1: Presentation

Your group has been assigned a reading. Read it. Analyze the examples the writer uses to support the main thesis. Are they examples or opinions? Show us the examples — especially if the author mentions artists/designers in their essay. Highlight key ideas from the text as needed. Prepare to present the reading and the examples/key ideas to your colleagues. You will have 15 minutes to show how the author did (or did not) support their thesis.

NOTE: this is a group project/presentation. All students in the group are expected to participate in the research and to present the results of their research. Each student will be graded individually on their research and presentation. In addition, the group will be graded on the coverage of the topic.


• Thesis / main idea of the article

• Minimum of 4 examples the author uses to support their thesis. Provide the quotes, images, etc.

• Indication of whether or not those examples are supporting examples or opinions.

• Examples of the artist/designer’s work discussed in the essay.

• Did the author make a good case for their thesis / main idea?


Part 2: Postcard 

Using the reading and one of the artists mentioned in the reading as inspiration, design a postcard for this year’s Art All-State (a two-day art experience for high school students, in which they create art inspired by established artists… see the connection?).

The trick to this part is to keep our first reading (Good History/Bad History) in mind. Good Design History says, “this is how designers thought about their work then, and this is how that work fits into the culture. Now, what can YOU do?”

NOTE: this can be done as a group, or individually.


Content: Front

• Image(s) from last year (see artallstateteacher.tumblr.com/)

• Art All-State Logo (provided) (you CAN redesign, using a different font and/or a different relationship between the words and the state of Mass, and or using a different color so it better matches your design if you want to)

Drop Box Folder with Images assets

Zip file to Download


• Optional text related to the theme “XXXXX!”

• NOTE: images may bleed off the edges of the postcard. Use the whole space as needed.


Content: Back

• Text provided

• MAEA and UMD logos (provided)

• NOTE: the postcard will be mailed. Use the template provided to follow postal regulations.